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The Music

Monday 13th July 2009

We are pleased to showcase Martin Johnson's music for the Devious clip included in the War Games DVD. We had met him during the Portsmouth plays: Evil of the Daleks and the Dalek Masterplan and we expressed an interest in working together in creating music for Devious.


As it turned out for the War Games release we had a limited time window to co-ordinate the footage and we wanted to change the music score from it's original guide score and Martin was the obvious and willing choice. Unfortunately due to time constraints with his new committment to a Big Finish release won on the back of the plays we were unable to use newly scored music to the piece as we had intended as per the rest of Devious will be. An admirable compromise was reached whereby we used selected tracks from Dalek Masterplan and Evil of the Daleks at his suggestion (and the knowledge of Nick Scovell from the Portsmouth team).


This enables us via this release to showcase Martin's music and give him a wider audience for his work. You'll find him if you look in Big Finish's recent catalogue and we are very happy to help in the deserved furtherance of his career. As it turned out the music we selected worked well with our footage despite our desire for newly-scored work. In the light of the limted time we had last year to prepare our 15-year old footage and rescore it we think it all turned out rather well!

If it also allows fans not just to have a copy of Martin's work and an alternate take on the theme tune it also allows fans to have a musical memento of the two sell-out plays which would not have been possible otherwise. You will know from elsewhere in this site how privileged we were to be part of those plays as another part of the wider scope of the Doctor Who world!