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TARDIS Tinkering

Sunday 16th June 2013

A bit of poking around with the sets and props needs to be done before the main filming date.

We have the console to dust down and check out. And we have the exterior of the Police Box to sort out. Those of you lucky enough to see the set on display at the Brighton Centre this last February (and hopefully also later this year at another event) will note that the front door of the Police Box has been deliberately designed not to have the step, so that wheelchairs and buggies could be pushed through.


Whereas this is excellent for a disability-point-of-view (there he goes a-hyphenating again) it could look a little strange in normal use. And so Ashley has had to fit a new step - ably assisted by the aforementioned Mark.


Similarly the doors will be locked off to only swing in the correct direction leaving the exhibition-friendly method on the shelf for a while. This new Police Box is nothing if not adaptable!

Also the lettering "Police Public Call Box" has withered a bit since Ashley couldn't find the best set, so a new set will be produced in time. Cue Ellis Nealfuller on lettering duties again!


In the meantime a slightly withered set was placed in the roof panels, and later this highly desirable picture (as if) was taken where you will notice we have omitted to show you the lettering. This is because it was lazily pushed in place and held with a bit of old masking tape. A bit like the BAD WOLF sign at the Brighton show which did slip occasionally - as per the photo at the top of this page. For "The Never Was" we will not use old masking tape.



Ellis traces the lettering