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The Never Was - a 2015 prequel / sequel / spin-off from Devious


The Never Was Will Be

We've just had a very productive meetup last Wednesday with Mark Jones, David Clarke and Ashley Nealfuller (now collectively known as "MAD" it seems!) and we now know how near The Never Was is to being seen! There will be some form of illustrated countdown (which we ought to finally do with Devious Part One too!) coming within the month...

(yes, we know that's not the same as we said before but then it's lives, new kitchens, staff leaving, new premises, birthdays, new jobs.... oh yes - life - that really gets in the way.)





The Never Was is LIVE !

Yes, you read that correctly. We've finally released something! Well, strictly its the slightly different team at The Never Was rather than Devious per se. Not that there's a lot of difference in the teams!!! Anyway, get yourselves over to to catch the new video, and maybe you'll spot some Devious connections...

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The Never Was

incoming message from Mark Jones...

The Never Was: an Inter-web-Mini Adventure-isode ?

Calling all Doctor Who fan fiction movie makers! - if you have made your own 'Who' adventure I would like you to contact me (Mark Jones) via the form below at as I would love to involve as many of you as I can in this special project.


Black Sheep Independent Films has made several short films and two feature movies and I've known the Devious team since the early 90s.  (The shot above shows us at work).

Pre-Vis part 2

Last night Mark travelled all the way to distant Lewes to meet with the actor playing the companion. Or one of them anyway! (actor or companion!?!?) More news later as they say.

And later this week it is intended to film another "pre-vis" - i.e. a filmed run-through of the story using stand-in actors and friends etc enabling the various moves to be blocked out and a storyboard created. We are to be treated to seeing this runthrough later this week or early next - more news as and when...




TARDIS Tinkering

A bit of poking around with the sets and props needs to be done before the main filming date.

We have the console to dust down and check out. And we have the exterior of the Police Box to sort out. Those of you lucky enough to see the set on display at the Brighton Centre this last February (and hopefully also later this year at another event) will note that the front door of the Police Box has been deliberately designed not to have the step, so that wheelchairs and buggies could be pushed through.



Set Visit

On Wednesday the 29th of May David and Ashley from "Devious" met up with Mark from "The Never Was" at the filming location. This gave us the first chance to visualise how well the set(s) would fit and what could be done with the venue.

David has been asked to direct the piece for Mark on the day, since Mark is appearing on most of the scenes. There seemed to be plenty of space for Mark to achieve everything on his itinery.


NW Script Revisions

Well - we've been lucky enough to see the script and we're up to number 5 now! That's normal of course - and who knows how many iterations have gone around in Mark's diminutive head. Yes he is a bit shorter than some we know, but ideally suited to playing the part of the Doctor in this forthcoming epic-ette since we've found some wood for him to stand on.




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