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NW Script Revisions

Saturday 15th June 2013

Well - we've been lucky enough to see the script and we're up to number 5 now! That's normal of course - and who knows how many iterations have gone around in Mark's diminutive head. Yes he is a bit shorter than some we know, but ideally suited to playing the part of the Doctor in this forthcoming epic-ette since we've found some wood for him to stand on.


Joking aside - we'll leave the rest to the early part of the script - we have made some progress for The Never Was. In separate articles dated around today we've got some pics from the Tardis modifications carried out at Ashley's last weekend, and a pic or two from our set visit on the 29th of May.

We also have a filming date and efforts are being made to ensure we have the maximum crew for the day. There is a brief scene featuring three from "Devious" which is going to be filmed on another occasion against a greenscreen or Tardis walls due to the unavailability of some of the cast.

Mark is also now starting to make contact with other fan-film producers from the world of Doctor Who over the next few weeks and would like to thank a certain David Nagel for his excellent support and research. Hopefully he will be able to attend the (highly secret) filming date! We are hoping to support his "Fifty" project in exchange! It's all celebrating the big 5-0 after all!

Mark has even got a reserve cast member in case of unavailability - something we at "Devious" never managed.

And Ashley's even bought some Apple White paint. And that can only mean...*


More news as soon as possible!


* contact us if you're in the dark there...