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The Never Was Will Be

Friday 10th January 2014
school display

We've just had a very productive meetup last Wednesday with Mark Jones, David Clarke and Ashley Nealfuller (now collectively known as "MAD" it seems!) and we now know how near The Never Was is to being seen! There will be some form of illustrated countdown (which we ought to finally do with Devious Part One too!) coming within the month...

(yes, we know that's not the same as we said before but then it's lives, new kitchens, staff leaving, new premises, birthdays, new jobs.... oh yes - life - that really gets in the way.)




The Never Was


We've been receiving some really great artwork recently from one of our friends in the USA and we are looking for a proper way to celebrate this on the Devious site - along with all the other spin-offs from the project over the years.