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Evil of the Daleks - the 1st Portsmouth charity stage play 2006


new dalek bases

Yes as you may have seen the daleks used in the Evil play will be partial rebuilds. The original Devious ones are being adapted so radically that they are needing new bases! The logic is simply that fibreglass ones will be lighter and more easily manoeuvred than before. Ashley started on the new mould yesterday and to be honest has wanted to do this many years ago, only we just made do with the wooden bases before as they looked fine and did the job. This new role for the daleks has given Ashley the excuse to improve upon the props and the work has been progressing very well indeed.


Dalek MasterPlan

We've been keeping this quiet whilst Nick (Scovell) arranged all the necessary permissions, and now we can announce that there is going to be a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed stage play 'Evil of the Daleks'. It will be during October 2007 again in Portsmouth.

We are pleased as punch here at 'Devious Towers' and we'll be able to follow the build up rather like we did for 'Evil'.


The Bosses


The Emperor and Dalek Supreme after the show. In a great photo from Stephen Cranford we see the necessary detail on the gold dalek - ie the 2 screws on the eye - we needed that to quickly replace the blue light if we had a problem. Ashley had a spare blue light assembly on standby. The photo just shows how the colours can change due to effective stage lighting - ie you can't see the gold on the dalek in the foreground whilst the chap behind shows every chance of being cast in pure gold. Well, plywood.



View from The Doctor


A sly look at the camera from Nick in this dress rehearsal photo taken whilst the performance was halted to allow for the explosive charges to be set. A chance also to see Nick's choice of costume - "if Chris Eccleston showed that the Doctor's costume could be ordinary and not extravagant then I could try the same approach"



Mr Kennedy alias Tim


Actually, Tim Skedge WAS Kennedy ... (a) the character died, and (b) the play has finished now - stop trying to relive it by constantly coming back to this website! Hang on, what are we saying!?!?!?! please keep coming back to this website - we have loads of pics and stories yet to tell, and besides, we like you popping in to see us! We all enjoyed doing the play which was an amazing opportunity for us all.



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