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The Devious Daleks


too many Daleks?

Could you honestly say there are too many daleks in Devious? Or of any TV story? Parting of the Ways sees fleets of them in space whilst Planet of the Daleks is reputed to have the most props in the studio - although the season opener for 2012 will beat that number.

Rebirth of the Daleks [updated]

From out of the ashes - as it were. We were telling you on his site about the fact that two new daleks were being built by friends of Devious Alex and Karl. They had both been given cast-off bits from a couple of the Devious daleks when Ashley was revamping the props. Karl had an old wooden base whilst Alex remarkably said he could refurbish the worst of the old middle sections. We'll be featuring Karl's dalek when we get some images of the final prop, whilst here's the story of Alex's fine grey Genesis dalek.


an overview

When we started Devious we only intended to use the excellent Sevans kit daleks and do depth-of-field trickery to make our actors appear to be acting against them - rather like the original console as seen in this "sets, props etc" section. Of course when we were thinking up a shot for Tony our Doctor to be standing next to a dormant dalek Ashley thought he could attempt to make a full sized dome casting.


colour schemes 2: Evil of the Daleks stage play

There were three influences on us for the design and colouration of the daleks for the first of the successful plays based on early TV Doctor Who. Firstly we wanted to be similar in design to the new series daleks and hence Ashley built a new design eyestalk dome housing not as a copy of the new series but similar in design. Also we had the enlarged dome lights - the "ears" housing our 12volt bright lights. Secondly we wanted the colour to be mainly silver again to represent the classic series.


colour schemes 3: The Dalek Masterplan play

For the second play we wanted to push the boat out. As these exclusive images from the gifted cgi-hand of Steve Redfearn show we settled on silver balls on a matt black base. The matt black was chosen so tnhat Stuart's fully black dalek in gloss black would look doubly imposing and important. Having said that the red dalek did get some admiring looks!

Here's the standard black and silver variant...

the trooper dalek


Damaged Daleks

Apart from the bits of old dalek Ashley chucked out a few parts have made their way to other potential dalek builders. Karl from Patcham and Alex from Worthing both went away with parts and have successfully built new daleks around them - we'll have some pictures of these as soon as possible.

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