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From Theory to Practice...

We've been working on a few test renders recently; putting a few test effects on to some of the footage from May, and thought you'd like to see how things are coming along. Firstly here's an image of a rough Lightwave model of the Control Room created before the sets were built. And secondly there's an image of the room with a test version of the ceiling and central column effect.




More South Today images

Now we really must get a new section on the site to show some images from the "Doctor Who in the South" programme segments from BBC One's "South Today" back in July. Until that time, here's a few to give you a flavour if you were unable to see the transmission...

There's some great shots of the dalek in the school library surrounded by schoolchildren all keen to discover more about it, although I won't show these shots unless I get permission from Rowlie on their behalf - I'm sure they'd like to be seen on the web as well as the telly!


More tonight !!!


The 12th-14th caption we've been using is a little redundant. Today's the 15th and there's more of the South Today 'Southern Ways' tonight. Sylvester is guesting in the studio we believe - no more news as yet. Last night featured the Tardis police box again in a jaunt to Arundel Castle West Sussex where Silver Nemesis was filmed. All through this we've been delighted to see our props being used to illustrate these programmes, and have been very happy to help something which has hopefully raised the profile of the programme in the run up to the new series.



Daleks Go Back To School

South Today (last night 13 July)featured the console again*, and one of the Devious daleks at Patcham School. 'Friend of Devious' Rowlie Darby was interviewed by Sylvester McCoy in the new library building of the school where the dalek has been in useful educational employment !

We've been mentioning this connection over the months on this site and have been promising photos, so I think last night solved that issue! More tonight on South Today - the Tardis at a new secret location?????


tonight ...tonight ...

There's a song that starts like that. Anyway - tonight on BBC 1 South Today (the regional news programme for those people who live in the South of England including Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire (I think) Surrey (possibly), West Sussex, Berkshire (I think) and Oxfordshire (blimey)) you will seeDevious dalek(s) and the Tardis which were used by Bill Baggs' Southern Ways documentary segment on Dr Who in the South. (Sorry - overlong sentence that). The piece has been in production for some while and originally was going to include much more - i.e.


New images and the usual waffle


A few new images now from the last filming batch. What with all the office and house moves by the team we've been a little slow in updating the site! (Users of the AshleyX Gary Numan site get the same excuse!). Anyway here's a few new pics for you to keep you happy until we create a new area especially for them as per the previous filming weekends.



A revised thank-you

Hi there - thanks to Tim from the team we now have a full list of the people we wish to thank for the recent weekend. We really appreciate the hard work everyone put in to make the weekend a success and it is right that you are all thanked - Tim rather sensibly noted everyone's names, since we had a number of 'first-timers' around! So without further ado here's Tim's notes exactly as he sent them ! (complete with odd references here and then - a result of 'in-jokes' that beset any grouping!!).



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