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news and news archive from the production


Big Finish calls...

One of our esteemed cast has just informed us that he/she has recorded a Big Finish audio story and is scheduled to be in another!

We are not giving away the identity of this person at this stage, as it is all very "hush hush". So we will respect this secrecy of course, but just put this out there for you all! The first audio is in the Blake's Seven range, and the following one is something in the Doctor Who range. 

Obviously we're all such talents it is going to be impossible for you to work out who it could be - any one of us could have had the call. 


The Devious Trio

Anyone who has been involved in Devious at one point or another has doubtless been "a vital part of the team" or, "an essential member of the trio". A bit like Douglas Adams really and his Hitchhikers which was a trilogy in four parts.

Well the trio that is Devious used originally to be Barry Ashley and David - hence "BAD", then Stephen took Barry's place hence "SAD", and now Mark is on board with Stephen taking on that grandfatherly overview (despite being (probably) the youngest), and so now we are "MAD".


Early Spring Clean

Yes we know it is Winter, but the New Year brings out a tidying motive to some people. Ashley reports that whilst he was out in his shed/office/storeroom playing with some cgi he popped in to the house for that much needed cup of tea to be confronted with some old photographs that had been rediscovered during a bit of reorganisation. He shares them with us all now! 


Out and About

Just a quick note to tell of recent dalek escapades... There are two of the chaps currently out on display in deepest darkest Brighton doing their bit for charity as always. Since threatening our Devious Doctor they've been rather at a loose end and so have had many days (and weeks) out in the community. We haven't had any reports of mass exterminations so we assume all is going well. Presumably this is all part of some Master Plan (to coin a phrase) and we'll hear of things dastardly via the local news at some point.


The "Steve" Edit

Sorry for the lack of updates - just glanced at the site and saw the dearth of news. Oops. Well this news item is quite exciting (for us) as it is called "The Steve Edit". We are previewing the latest version of episode one at Stephen's house tomorrow (Friday 8th September) even though we have to (still) tweak a few things. 


Out and about with Graham Strong

The 27th of May saw a little troup journey north to Rickmansworth to attend "Missing Who" - a convention highlighting the missing episodes of Doctor Who. Stephen and Ashley from Devious attended, with friend Julian making a trio who were designated the minders (/security !) for our very own VIP Mr Graham Strong, a longtime friend of Stephen and known to the Devious gang for many years of course and vice versa!


Daleks are In Tent(s) and a Box Room

Daleks intense, in tents. Oh well please yourselves. Just a quick report to say that various dalek props and stuff have been seen out and about. Two daleks from the "fleet" have just come back from Sumners Ponds Model Show 2017 where they spent the weekend in a small tent. As you do when you're plotting world domination.

As last year they proved an interesting distraction and managed to garner themselves another gig latyer in the year as a result. Garner. Like that? Again, please yourselves.


Behind the scenes and progress

Well a lot has happened behind the scenes this past few months in the circumstances of the team. Suffice to say we're back on course again and there's a few images from the first episode to keep you in the loop. We have given ourselves a deadline for episode one which is a VERY positive step for us. We all know what we have to do to ensure it is met.



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