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Comic Relief 1999 - Devious at Pinewood


trapped in a dalek

It's the same old story - people forget you're in a dalek and they b*gger off and have a cup of tea. It nearly happened to Ashley. He and Stephen voted on which star Doctor they'd want to be in the scene with. Stephen chose Hugh Grant, whilst Ashley plumped for his brother Richard E.


comic relief

still a lot more to come in this section but we thought we'd let you all see it in progress - any ideas or questions on what we can add then please let us know via the "say hello" bit!

We were involved in a small way with the BBC's Comic Relief project back in '99. Blimey - that long ago. Last century. Well actually in Devious years that's not long ago as you may have noticed our lightning speed on things...


guest stars

Great to see Mr Atkinson on set. The erstwhile Mr Bean standing around between takes on our set playing with the knobs. Ooh err sounds a bit rude. Seriously though it was great to see a master at work. And serious he was too! Only Ashley managed to get a few words with him as he's notoriously a reserved person. That's Rowan we're talking of here not Ashley - he's far from that.



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