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The Dalek Masterplan - the 2nd Portsmouth play 2007


raise a glass?

So, the burning question is this. Will Nick Scovell as The Doctor play the famous scene where he raises a glass of wine and to the audience wishes everyone a Merry Christmas one and all? Well October is quite near to Christmas... So, will there be a Feast of Steven? Time will tell, but don't hold your hopes up. The rest of us are worrying about scripts, music, sets, props, dalek colours (yes we've started already on that), direction, lighting, effects, costumes, etc etc etc.

So rest assured we haven't been thinking at all about that nod to Mr Hartnell...




first script read-through


... was held on the 7th February. The assembled read part two for the first time (having previously been sent part one). First impressions were great - Nick has adapted the story well, and this year we have the benefit of a distinguished script editor - Mike Maddox from Big Finish.

As well as the read-through, all elements of the production were brought up and discussed. We were treated to Rob's vision of the stage set and already one can see that this production will be noticeably different from last year...




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