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the three emperors

Wednesday 24th January 2007

The dalek Emperor used in Devious is in three parts! One is the model - 5th scale - and was built by Ashley in 1989-1990 and has been recently repaired. This has a housing which is being refurbished and extended for the forthcoming modelwork.

The second emperor was the 3/4 height version built full-sized for the main control room filming. This was accurate except for the missing head which would not fit into the room we used.

The third emperor in this Devious Triumvirate is the refurbished version of the second one. After being stored outside for a year or so it wilted somewhat despite being under protection and so the panels were replaced with thicker wood - ie plywood. The head was then built and married up to the whole. And after it was undercoated in black and white ready for some summer 2006 filming of closeups (which at the time was unlikely) it was then speedily converted to gold green and black ready for the Evil of the Daleks play. During the play it was blown up each night with minimal damage!



The emperor has now been dismantled into 18 pieces as a kit and is in safe dry storage ready for that final Devious filming hopefully this year 2007. Once that is complete we have no plans for it although if we have spare storage space it'll doubtless be kept on for a while, like the TARDIS interior, exterior and console have been over the years.

To follow the buildof the 2006 version of the emperor - ie model 3 then you can go to