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tardis walls

Monday 13th July 2009

We started with photocopied roundels on cardboard walls - and some scenes still show those (!). It was a good cheap way of constructing a set and did the job for the time. The image above shows the "wardrobe room scene" later dropped from the edit.


With the advent of the Jon Pertwee filming we decided to "upgrade" and so Ashley designed some new ones - with him and Stephen constructing 7 new walls for that scene. As the filming time grew near the rest of the team became involved in the construction. Here we see Ian at work cutting out the roundels, whist in the picture afterwards he is seen surveying the work; walls being laid out to dry on Stephen's driveway.

The walls, like the console, were painted apple-white rather than pure white, since they would not flare as much on screen. This is the colour we believe the console to be in the original series - even if it wasn't it did for us! The walls were constructed using hardboard separated by a framework of timber and roundels were cut out and lined with hardboard. For the Pinewood Comic Relief Curse of Fatal Death the roundels were cut right through (the backing plates removed) and two more roundel walls were constructed. The walls then had a plastic trace added which gave a good effect when lit properly (lighting had to be many yards behind).
The TARDIS walls are now in storage (standing strapped to the wall) in Ashley's home office and can provide a useful room divider!!! The TARDIS walls were used most recently in January 2005 for the Third Tardis scenes.
Here we see a rehearsal shot from the "Hugh Lloyd and Peter Tuddenham scene"...