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the embryo room

Monday 13th July 2009

This is a room cnstructed in a bit of a hurry when we filmed the corridors. However with the right lighting we're confident the effect we intend will come through. It's amazing what a few coloured lights, bubble wrap and some mood music will do. After all, the original series managed quite well with that formula on occasions! (Don't worry we're not knocking it but we do have experience of trying to get something out of nothing!)


Above we see the pyramid and below the embryos and the tank or... well, comething. The dalek shewn is the "claw dalek" i.e. just a normal one but with a claw instead of a plunger and, in a homage to "Power of the Daleks", no gunstick.

Below: Goodness me - are those fairy lights? Is it Christmas already?

And here we see Aturo, suitably lit...
... as he realises what's in the containers...
Here we see a behind the scenes shot showing how it was lit ...

All in all, although it didn't take too long to set up it proved that something could be cooked up when required. It was an interesting diversion away from the corridors as it was shot during "corridor weekend".