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Elizabethan costume

Tuesday 19th July 2005

This was designed and made by an Oscar-Winning Costume Maker !!!

Yes, Ashley's sister Rachel is part of a team of costume makers who work on many of the latest films. The Oscar was won by the team for "Restoration" a few years back, although Rachel is working on items for films yet to come out. A list of her credits will follow!!


The Elizabethan costume worn by Lynette as "Amber Lyn" was originally designed as part of her college work (she came top in her year and as a prize won the right to design the whole wardrobe for a theatre production that year) and was a few years old when we asked to borrow it. It had wonderful fine detail which I'm sure isn't seen to well in the story since it's only worn for one scene. It's a step up from a traditional Elizabethan dress since athough it is styled and structured with the corset in traditional fashion the patterning is more of a collage and is a homage to the traditional look. It should have had a headress to go with it but we felt that Amber would have tried to be individual and not wear it! With the character of Adreinna choosing a name like Amber Lyn it was disconcertingly like to Anne Boleyn; who certainly had to remove her headgear at the end!! No wonder she was known as Amber by her TARDIS crewmates.

In another scene we shot Amber in the TARDIS in front of a mirror choosing which outfit to wear and she is seen wearing a different Elizabethan costume (we had used it as it had been hired for a fancy dress night) - the inference being she preferred the black and gold one.
Here is another shot of this alternative Elizabethan costume in an unused scene...