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Friday 8th February 2002

Ian Edmond has now forgiven us (we think) for his character's name. "Ralib" is an anagram of "Blair" That's where the similarity ends! We first met Ian as a result of him standing at a bus-stop in Brighton wearing a dalek t-shirt (that's Ian, not the bus-stop) and Ashley's usual brand of cheek meant he had to strike up a conversation with this hitherto stranger. Ian now works at DVC run by David from the team, and is in charge of things technical in the world on video-editing on PCs.

Ian played a member of the "rescue party" and is one of the first to suffer at the hands of the daleks in a very spectacular scene which has been previewed at convention(s). Stills from it you can see on the "documentary & trailer" page.

Here's Ian having a few problems with the 2nd tardis console...