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Wednesday 8th May 2002

Another place name (like Imberhorne, Uist etc) is used for this character. A member of the village resistance in the Imberhorne scene we do not know whether he is a TimeLord playing a role for the Doctor's memory, or merely a fiction?

Played by stuntman Karl Mayne the role was very much in the style of Harrison Ford. Initially Karl was to play this character as the Doctor's third assistant alongside Bradley, but circumstances meant he couldn't stay with the production. We reshot some new scenes a year later so his original acting could be retained. His enthusiasm was legendary and he helped our first day's filming go well considering the complexity of the day.


The swordfight between him and Ashley as Imberhorne was gruelling albeit short - the weight of the broadswords made things tricky for the wimpy Ashley, although Karl's obvious skills shine through during this scene.