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Jon Pertwee

Tuesday 14th July 2009

With the release of the War Games DVD Devious Clip featuring great cameos from Jon Pertwee, Hugh Lloyd and Peter Tuddenham you can finally see the results from our day with Jon Pertwee.


A great honour to work with Jon Pertwee for the final part of our story. Ashley, David and Stephen went up to his home in South London and brought him down for our filming in Sussex. The day he spent with us remain etched in our memories - between filming he kept everyone entertained with a stream of anecdotes - and a few impressions! The day finished with a short photo session - Jon is standing out in the garden at Worthing with the seven members of the team who had personally sponsored the day.


The final scene of the Devious epic leads into 'Spearhead from Space'; with the newly regenerated Doctor falling forward out from the police box. For this scene, Jon stepped forward from the box (after initially comically getting stuck inside on one take) to look as if was going to fall, and we would then cut to the version we shot in some woods with our stunt double, Tim.


A classic day. One we will write about soon in a retrospective feature for this site.