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The Doctor

Tuesday 5th April 2005

Tony Garner plays the "Two and a halfth Doctor". His resemblance to both Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee is something of a bonus, and certainly one of the reasons the story was written as it was. If you can't see the resemblance then wait until you see the regeneration scenes..!!!

Tony is an "amateur-dramatics" actor - he has appeared in many productions by the Saltdean Amateur Dramatic Society near Brighton, Sussex.


His proudest moment with us, as he relates, is playing alongside Jon Pertwee in the final scene. Being able to discuss the scene with Jon and work on some of the moves and dialogue was an education for all of us, but Tony, being a fan of the Dr Who series since it's start, this was a special time. Jon at one point said that Tony "reminds me of Pat" and proceeded to tell us a story about his time in the Navy, and how Patrick eschewed the use of a tin helmet, preferring instead a woolly tea-cosy-style hat. We have yet to try Tony out in such a hat.