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Aturo / Villager

Monday 5th August 2002

The part of an itinerant villager seen briefly in the Imberhorne scene is played by Arthur Harrod, another long time Dr Who fan and early leader of the BADWAS (Brighton Area Dr Who Appreciation Society). Like Stephen he was subjected to the indignity of wearing an awful wig for this brief role - hence his nickname "Wiggy" (that scene only).

As he's well over 6 feet tall (6'3" or 6'4" I think) we don't use a lot of nicknames as we're all a great deal shorter. Coincidentally the new corridors are being built to a height of 6'5" to be on the safe side. Height-ist humour has now been outlawed, so you will have to un-read that last bit.



However, Arthur's major role is as another of the third Tardis crew and rescue party: Aturo. There is a spectacular scene planned for him and a few daleks to be filmed when we can get round to it!
Arthur was also present when we filmed with Jon Pertwee and here's a hitherto unpublished shot of Arthur and Jon ...