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Zagreus and Jon Pertwee

Monday 12th January 2004

Well, the secret is well and truly out now! Thanks to clever planning by Big Finish something of the spirit of Jon Pertwee was around for the 40th Anniversary.

We were approached by Gary Russell some two years ago as he knew of the scene from Devious with Jon Pertwee playing the vision of the 3rd Doctor alongside our own Interim Doctor Tony Garner. The article on the Big Finish site gives some of the background from our perspective (a few words from Ashley) and also from theirs. It did emphasise the quality of the recordings and that much of it was gleaned from "off-mike" dialogue, which we felt gave the BF team more lines to work with although the quality would have been much lower.

At some point soon we will have a feature on the Jon Pertwee scene, along with a couple of audio clips showing what the quality was like from our 1995 recording!! We do feel however that over the years our own technical quality has improved, and we like to think we've moved on from that time. The whole "Pertwee scene" has recently been re-edited and of course we've tried to work on the sound as much as possible - but then again we as amateurs only have a limited budget - that is our bounding box on all things as always!




It's not going to work you know.
There's no harm in trying.

...he replies, and then realises he is not alone...
Who are you?

We see it is the Third Doctor - is it a vision, or a ghost, or the real thing? We are not sure.
I'm who you should be. Your regeneration was unfinished - you need me to complete it.


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Here's the link to the Big Finish article...