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Worthing Carnival Doctor Who Float

Tuesday 1st September 2009


Alex from Type 40 Models in Worthing (plug for a friend of Devious!) had supervised the construction of a spectacular float for the Worthing Carnival 2009. Thousands lined the route on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August to see loads of floats and processions. Proud winners of the Charity category was the Doctor Who float organised on behalf of the Sussex Autistic Society. The YOUTUBE footage above shows the float during the procession along with some belly dancing which obviously caught the eye of the youtuber! We haven't filmed this particular youtube footage although Ashley did manage to film during the procession and has promised to put his footage up on youtube later in the week with luck!

Ashley from Devious supplied 2 daleks as well as the Emperor Dalek, whilst Matt Hicks from Worthing (who is currently restoring the Devious Tardis console) supplied his TARDIS police box and an excellent Sylvester-style Dalek and a very effete cyberman! Baz from Hove supplied a grey Genesis-style dalek whilst another grey Genesis was also in attendance along with a gold one in the style of "Day of the Daleks". The Devious ones were the Red Supreme and a silver and black one both in the colours from Masterplan 2007. The Emperor had been repainted over the preceding weekend having spent a couple of years in Ashley's loft!

Alex had also assembled an excellent set of costumes for all 11 Doctors as well as the Brigadier, Captain Jack, UNIT, Rose and loads of others. Here we see Ashley's son Adam as Davros (base made by his Dad for a fancy dress party a few years back) in front of the assembled Doctors.


Full marks Alex for a totally great effort all round. This guy gets things done.

We hope that the profile of the Sussex Autistic Society has been raised by this event and hope that further adventures are on the cards...!

Alex is appearing as Doctor Number Six above! We really need someone to let us know the names of all the participants!

We'll have loads more images on this site and a few on our facebook group (look for Ashley Nealfuller on facebook as he links to it and will doubtless have firther images) whilst we'll be seeing what video footage we have and hopefully putting that on youtube. Apparently we hear from the organiser that if you are putting on a future float  or event for Autism and it's Doctor Who themed then the banner seen here may be borrowed! (let us know via our "say hello" section!)