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Work progresses!

Saturday 23rd June 2012

Well we're still at it. After Stephen, David and Ashley had seen Nigel Fairs' latest play in Brighton a couple of weeks ago (starring Nigel and Louise Jameson) they received some useful encouragement from "friend of Devious" Mark. Anyone who talks to us is obviously a "friend of Devious" - or maybe he is one of Stephen's mates! Anyway something must have struck home during the evening as the three have met again a couple of times since and worked on some effects. David has made stirling progress preparing edits for the team to work on as well as finalising effects for some of the scenes in parts one and two.

We've sort of set ourselves a target of getting something significant achieved and viewable by the time of this year's anniversaty - i.e. the 49th. Now knowing our history it's probably not best to make promises - however we know that a deadline is something that makes us achieve. Let's see how we progress...

Here's a lo-res freeze-frame from some of the footage David has worked on...



We've been debating how the energy weapon discharge should look and here is the first version.

More soon

PS - Ashley has finally put in place the new website revamp - let us know if you find any errors via the SAY HELLO page - cheers thanks