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What planet are we on?

Thursday 2nd February 2017

That's a question we often get asked. Planet Devious? Well, mentally we may be. It just occurred that the planet where the main action occurs in Devious has no name. Anyone got any ideas?

We have various methods for naming characters in the story, with most names having a hidden meaning or derivation. At some point we will explain a lot of them, but until you get to know them on screen they are just names. 

We have The Covellitor and Voix. There's Teleko and Vardrah, and Adreinna and Phillip. Phillip even has a surname (Royale) although its certainly never mentioned! Anthony who plays Phillip used to work for a while at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. Hence the surname. Then there's Chaldar and Aturo and Auriga.

The derivations of Voix and Scribe are easy... they were played by Peter Tuddenham as Voix (because he spoke), and Scribe was played by Hugh Lloyd (who wrote). You can see them on disc 3 of The War Games BBC DVD - they are in the scene which occurs just before The Interim Doctor meets The Vision (of the Third Doctor) before becoming him and completing his (delayed) regeneration. 

So, with those sorts of names being banded about (and we have Uist and Brogar and Amber Lyn to add to the mix) what would you call the planet? The Third Doctor (or his Tim Treloar incarnation) would describe it as verdant. Nature is certainly there in abundance although there is no advanced life it seems. There is a desert area too which needs to be crossed at some point. 

If anyone wants to suggest us some names we're happy for that (doubtless there'll be a caption). If there is an explanation with it then all the better. Something cryptic would be even better. We will also think of some names and we;'ll keep you posted.

just go to /say-hello and send us your ideas!

More soon...

and here is said planet...
planet Devious?