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What does the future hold?

Tuesday 5th February 2008

A good question indeed. Well obviously we'd like to finish Devious. Another year has started and it's not yet done. Doubtless there's a news item like this each year. Still, Ashley has started his next lot of modelwork now (ie he's worked out what he's doing and he's sized up the materials) and David is looking at the edits trying to look for the main effects areas and Stephen has the audio work in hand.

So we move forward with a goal to complete this year or at least to have some sizeable watchable material up and ready. And we start this year with hope and belief that this year is the year.

But what of the props and sets? Storage is becoming an increasingly difficult thing for us - the daleks are always a problem to house and we're always eternally grateful for our current and projected future temporary 'hosts'. Ashley has ever more grandious schemes for storage of part daleks in kit form around his sheds and ways of keeping them ever ready for... well, what? We've had the plays these last two years and so we've kept a core number of 5 daleks close to hand but it'll be a while before that happens again we imagine. We're grateful and proud to have been a part of all that and will always support our friends in Portsmouth in future schemes whether we lend them props or not. So the daleks go back into storage with occasional periods in shop windows or in school libraries. And we're happy with that -as always our daleks are lent out only to people we know and trust and for no money exchange. If they can help in aiding childrens' reading or promote the cause of Doctor Who (the official one) then we're happy.

The TARDIS external prop has recently been refurbished (a new roof and internal strengthening) and seems likely to lead a useful life for the foreseeable future. As always it is well looked after by Stephen. We are however a bit worried that dure to storage limitations in the near future the internal TARDIS console may become a problem for us. Despite all the time and trouble in the build it may become too awkward to store. The console base already has animpending storage problem and we may have to look for a new home - already Ashley has been been made an offer of a new home (for the console base, not Ashley himself!) and so this will be discussed no doubt. It would be a shame to wave goodbye to the console that travelled to Pinewood and appeared with Jon Pertwee but we have to tell ourselves we had the best of it - maybe a new owner could be found who would let us visit it or film with it!!!!

Anyway, all these future prop considerations are just discussions at the moment with the Devious Trio - we'd be interested to know your opinions (you can make some suggestions at 'info AT' (change this to an email address obviously!) and also depending on whether Ashley has hooked up the email address properly).

Jokingly we always say we need the props for the sequel - but then we really should edit the first one.