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We've got the power

Tuesday 6th September 2016

of movement. Yes, we finally have the power of movement. Not "Power of ..." sorry not that.

We've been playing around with motion capture last week. Mark had an old Xbox Kinect thingy which is able to sense movement in a room (as it does normally for games of course) and by the use of some dinky software we've been able to capture Ashley's (quite bizarre) movements around a part of David's DVC office without the need for Ashley to wear anything strange or have ping pong balls strapped around his frame.

Having said that of course we are wondering from the initial results how to make improvements, and we may well be doing another test shoot this week or next in order to get the movements right for a particular thing seen in episode one of Devious (and later on too actually). This is something Ashley has built and it was gratifying to see it actually move according to his mocapped motion, albeit only a few seconds worth.

To do this Ashley had to adopt the T-pose so that his movements could be tracked properly. We also did a test using a standard human shape in our 3D package and that was animated according to Ashley's footsteps around the office - see the photos enclosed.

We now have to adapt our "thing" to adopt a T-pose for the mapping process and we have to get Ashley into the mindset of the "thing" as well before he attempts to act out the scene we need. And that is meant to include hanging from the ceiling...

Ashley (partially) takes a selfie of himself whilst he appears on the monitor screen in mocap form with Mark and David (unseen but deadly)

In the intervening period David has advanced quite magnificently with "the flower" as seen in a previous update. We did extract a still image to put on the site but it eludes us at present. We'll shove that up online when it is found. It is now that the architecture of the objects in space start to show their quality as it is possible to move around the scene even after the effects have been added - in order to gain the best shots. We always had these scenes in mind, and as space shots we knew they would take time to get right. David has visualised this from the start and it is great to be able to see the new effects.

You may recall the effects we had in the War Games extra piece for the Devious ending with Jon Pertwee. We put up a "story so far" which initially featured the daleks but on the DVD it didn't (just blobs). There were some scenes of a space station rendered as best we knew how back in the day. Well those are the scenes that are now upgraded! We stepped up a notch for The Never Was and hope to continue on this upward path.

Onwards and upwards! 


After working very hard (we thought) on mocap and space stuff we thought it a jolly wheeze to watch a film we had ordered the week before. It was on at £1 so we thought it worth a gamble. Sherlock Holmes was the title, and featured dinosaurs (YES) and a cyber-man (YES). It also featured Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood), Dominic Keating (Enterprise) and introducing Ben Syder. It was made in 2009 or 2010, and a lot of fun to watch. 

We certainly enjoyed it. Definitely an experience.