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We're still at it - ooh err

Sunday 14th September 2003

ooh err! Yes - we're still going! Just because the website's a bit quiet it doesn't mean nothing's happening! Ashley is still set-building - having the task of building both in 5th-scale and full-scalefor the main control room. A full summer including a 3 week trip to West Africa (for work) has meant that filming is intended now to be mid to late October rather than September to allow for family commitments as well as theset construction to be completed in time.

The scene filmed with Peter Tuddenham and Hugh Lloyd as well as the Jon Pertwee scene have been undergoing some re-editing and improvement, especially to the sound - David has been putting in a lot of time with these, combining this also with investigating software, such as suitable ways of providing the dalek voices. Oh for the use ofa Moogerfooger - we hope to provide the same quality of dalek voice with software alternatives but we appreciate that most of the effect is in the initial interpretation by the actors of the dalek voice. If any of you known to us are good at dalek voices then send us a .mp3 of your attempts!!