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War Games out today!

Monday 6th July 2009


Well, the webmaster for this site is on holiday this week so updates may be a little sparse. HOWEVER he has had the sense - or stupidity - to get his copy of War Games delivered to his holiday home and so has watched the special devious scene last night ( delivered early!!). And he's discovered wi-fi here, so at least the site will have a couple of updates during the week! Actually it has just been pointed out to him that it was not "he" who found out about about the wi-fi, so thanks are due to another vital member of the team!

Apparently Stephen did get to mention the War Games and War Games Devious segment on the radio - at 9.40am it seems! He played 2 clips and said he gave a good plug for the war Games DVD. Excellent! here's hoping we get on the telly tomorrow night (Tuesday 7th!)

And having watchd the clip last night - here's the verdict. Great fun. Brilliant. Just wonderful opening the DVD case and seeing "Devious" in print and on screen. Let us know what YOU think via our "say hello" section of the website and hopefully you will get a reply from us. Unless you think it's all a load of old **** in which case your reply may be a little slow in arriving! A great day for the Dr Who fan.

We've got loads to say about the Devious War Games clip - so keep coming back here if you've just arrived here for the first time. We've got loads more to say and show about the rest of devious too so we'd love you to come back to this site. Our webmaster having moved servers has misplaced his stats link so we're not actually sure how many of you are popping along for the first time - however if you are here for the first time we hope you enjoy our visit!