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voting - the first 1000

Friday 5th May 2006

Just to say thanks for voting all of you in our "who's your favourite Doctor" poll. Just a bit of fun as we said, and it seems that Messrs Baker (Tom),Pertwee, Troughton came out on top along with Mr Tennant!

William Hartnell
34 votes = 3%

Patrick Troughton
173 votes = 17%

Jon Pertwee
215 votes = 21%

Tom Baker
166 votes = 16%

Peter Davison
31 votes = 3%

Colin Baker
32 votes = 3%

Sylvester McCoy*
55 votes = 5%

Paul McGann
25 votes = 2%

Christopher Eccleston
87 votes = 8%

David Tennant
160 votes = 16%

these are the results with almost a thousand votes in, and so it's unlikely we'll continue it much longer but it has been fun!

However there's always one or two individuals out there who are willing to spend an hour at a time (say on the 27th April at 9pm our time) clicking repeatedly and refreshing to bump up the figures to try to get a distorted result (for Sylvester McCoy as it happens!) Now we are big fans of Sylvester, and indeed we have had the pleasure of his company on occasions including on the Devious set, and it seems highly unlikely it was him bumping up his own stats!!! So for the person who had nothing better to do than to try to fiddle our results then fine if that's what you like to do, but bear in mind we here at Devious do this just for fun and we're all sensitive souls and don't want to get into the whole fan-politic partisan thing where opinions become so strong on issues that judgement is clouded and the "fun" seeps away. We have reset the figures to roughly what they were for Sylvester and apologise to our other viewers (of which there are refreshingly a lot nowadays) for the distorted results that may have been shown whilst our webmaster was away doing non-Doctor Who things...We also apologise to Sylvester in case we didn't reset his results correctly enough!!!!

C'est la vie We'll have another vote along soon along with a little bit of code to prevent any reoccurrence of the above! P.S. Lots of good prop building going on - news soon!