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the Titchmarsh Tardis etc

Thursday 9th June 2005

Well, the Devious Police Box was featured in the 20th Century Antiques programme on Sunday last and looked good we thought. It was shown twice - once to introduce a prolificDr Who collector and his great collection, and then to close the show with Alan stepping into the box after saying goodbye. Thanks again to the Beeb for looking after it when it was away down in Cornwall - it's now back in storage awaiting it's next day out...!

Also Ashley was featured briefly as an "expert" (as if) on daleks on Charlie Crocker's evening BBC Southern Counties radio show last night (8th) to comment on a story about a dalek being stolen from Wookey Hole. The tongue-in-cheek item lasted a few minutes and was "great fun to do" says Ashley! Thanks to Charlie for remembering us !! Any time you want an "expert" on ... (well anything really - Ashley can waffle on anything) he'll be at the end of his 'phone awaiting...!