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Thanks - so far

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Well we've had over six thousand views now in the few weeks the Episode One has been live. Today we received our special subscriber edition of a Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition and saw that we are featured in a great article by Simon Guerrier about Fandom which is a great read we think. We're greatly honoured to have been included in the article. 

We were interviewed by email a number of months ago so we knew something was coming and we were grateful for that. If any of this inspires you to go out there and so something creative then that's what all this is about. Not just Doctor Who - go out and write a play, make a film, paint a picture, whatever - just use that creative mind in some way!!! Make some money even! (we recall when we had Jon Pertwee down for the day back in April 1995 - he said "you could flog this you know". Well, as it is a FAN FILM that WON'T be happening of course. Mind you to see the end of the story you really should buy The War Games DVD which contains the ending. Mind you - the preamble on the DVD to the Hugh and Peter and Jon scenes will gradually get outmoded as our newer versions of the effects supercede what we achieved for that DVD extra.

Also as we work though the story that DVD War Games JP clip will start to make more and more sense (we hope). At the moment if you have watched Episode One on youtube (we have a handy url now it seems courtesy of DWM) - then you will hopefully be wondering what comes next. If you have followed the website over the years then you'll have a good idea of course as we wanted to tell people about the project. But now it's the story proper and so we can give some background to the first half hour or so.

We intend to have an article on the site fairly soon detailing what to look out for at particular points in the Episode One (like people do for soundcloud tracks where there are comments on the timeline) - why cast members say the lines they do, or why a particular shot was used etc etc. As fans we've always looked forensically at actual BBC episodes - trying to guess things etc - and so it would be fun for us to do the same back. We are also open to people sending us any questions about any part of the first episode (just use our "say hello" form) - just mention the timecode (or approximate minutes and seconds) and we'll do our best to answer! 

We will hopefully also address some issues in a "making of" / "behind the scenes" video or two before you get to see the next episode. Indulge us - it is great after all these years to get some feedback from people via facebook, the website, in person or via the youtube listing. We've had some cracking comments - some quite pertinent and we will address them!   We especially love all the compliments of course and hope we have entertained. Blimey - we even had a comment where someone has advertised their own upcoming video! - fine! - we'll link to us back from that film when it comes out! And speaking of that we need to resurrect our links list again for the website so we can link to our fellow fan film makers around the world - and not just Doctor Who....

Meanwhile Mark is still working to get his next film project off the ground - we need backing and we are good to go. It's "The Dark Side of Life" and we have uploaded some test pre-viz concept stuff but nothing until we properly film. But that  - and any other projects - will happen alongside Devious as they always have done. In fact "real life" has always happened alongside Devious over the years - which is one reason why we've been at it so long. But then hobbies are for life.

Ashley, David and Mark working on Episode Two (the Saviour's Edit*) - Stephen took the photo. * - more on that later...