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The "Steve" Edit

Thursday 7th September 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates - just glanced at the site and saw the dearth of news. Oops. Well this news item is quite exciting (for us) as it is called "The Steve Edit". We are previewing the latest version of episode one at Stephen's house tomorrow (Friday 8th September) even though we have to (still) tweak a few things. 

Having a self-imposed deadline has meant we have managed to get more things done than normal. Devious is something that sits behind our real lives but gnaws away at us reminding us we must get it done! We intend to show episode one to a group of friends as soon as we can and then release it on t'interweb the same day. The friends will see the rest of the story in its current state.

And so we have been merrily bouncing things back and forth via google drives getting things right that have largely been right a while but needed marshalling together. 

Not sure what we can show you at present by way of an image, so we hope you won't mind the image below for now. And Stephen is always "Stephen" in speech and texts and email but for some reason this latest edit is "steve's edit" and he has yet to complain. Mind you there's loads of names we could have called this edit!

And we've forgotten to put the planet name in as a caption... d'oh

more soon