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Starburst Special no 87 due 1 Sep + download now!

Thursday 28th August 2008

Apparently we're told it's out on 1st of September. If you go to you can order a download pdf of the magazine. Being a bunch of old has-beens we're opting for the print version. Apparently (and that's 2 'apparently's' now - damn that's 3 now) there's an article featuring the three of us in Devious. It also mentions our proud involvement in the 2 dalek-themed plays by Interalia at Portsmouth in 2006 and 2007. The BBC Pinewood Studios Comic Relief sketch and the Jon Pertwee scenes all get a mention we think!

Anyway here's hoping it comes across as an affectionate look at a 'Doctor Who Tribute Band' as we guess we are really. Doubtless we'll be seen as a bunch of nutters but we don't mind if it all helps to promote the Doctor Who phenomenon.

Here's hoping...

Please of our number who shall remain nameless but his initials are DVC downloaded the (excellent) article and has informed us that Interalia Theatre (the Portsmouth group who produced the excellent Evil of the Daleks and Masterplan plays) have been wrongly namechecked as 'Battered Suitcase' which is definitely not their name. This correction had been flagged up earlier this year when the proof article was inspected and passed back to the magazine staff but somewhere along the line the correction was omitted...