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Starburst Devious article finally out!

Monday 1st December 2008

If we've ever had any doubts they're all dispersed now! Starburst - the best magazine ever. Most concise. Has the best taste! Best design. Best articles*.

* - page 34 especially.

Actually we're more modest and humble than that.Really. We're not trumpet blowers. Honestly. Well, Ashley's ego is a little suspect and Stephen's been known to sing on the radio (David sings listening to the radio); so I guess this is a time to be temporarily excused all social protocols and niceties and go out and sing "we'rein the papers" again! Wellwhen it's happened before it's always been a very welcome thing and something to be celebrated. Wecelebrate this appearance in the mainstream sci-fi magazine press like we did when we were inDWM - with excitement andgratitude.

And with a great bignod and acknowledgement to all other fans and fan/amateur projects out there too.Especially to Nick and Rob. It's other projects that have spurred us on to complete this epic. It's other people's interest that saved us from ditching the whole thing a few years back. Really. The website has kept people informed of how we're progressing, and hopefully you will have realised by now that the story of Devious is perhaps more of a tale than 'Devious' itself. Certainly the magazine article by the esteemed Charles Norton has managed to give an insight in the space allowed of how the project came together and kept going over the years.

We will attempt to keep the story going on the website so you can see how things turn out. This very odd art project, this homage to Doctor Who, with all it's strange, wonderful and welcome spin-offs is the real story to tell and we will improve the website in the next few weeks to better reflect the journey we've taken**. The tribute band that is "The Devious Project" keeps on playing. Just. Articles such as in Starburst's Doctor Who Special number 87*** (and DWM before in 1999) give us the enthusiasm and lift us. Let's enjoy it and, more importantly, enjoy beingfans of the best sci-fi programme in the world - DOCTOR WHO.

If you've found this website for the first time - please stay with us! We'll have more to tell!


** - if we get time of course - this whole thing is part time!

*** - as before we note that the magazine article mentiuons the Battered Suitcase Company rather then Interalia Theatre. Our friend and colleague Nick Scovell is aware of this error - just one of those things - there were some other typos as well but that's normal we guess. And anyway, you should really go out and get the next Big Finish audio on CD or download - it has been partly written by a certain Nick Scovell - see DWM no 402 for details!


and in other news, the excellent "The Ten Doctors" comic blog has just featured the 2.5 Doctor again! Take a look at see the Interim in action! Fantastic! Or maybe we should say "marvelous" - which is Tony's equivalent catchphrase!