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Spotted this !

Wednesday 27th July 2016
Stephen watches as Jon and Tony have their pics taken

Spotted this earlier whilst looking for a Jon Pertwee picture...

(see link to Warped Factor website after text, below) A great blog article about Jon Pertwee's last appearance in Devious which caught the eye. Nice to know the world of geek is aware of us! This article was a year ago, but like a sleepy tortoise we're often slow in spotting things!

And yes, we do want to finish it, and definitely articles like this give us the encouragement. And whilst we're at it - are therre any budding composers out there who have ever played around with the theme tune (specifically the closing bars of the opening music Pertwee era?????) - > we'd love you to get in contact...

cheers more soon

And that's enough Ands.