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Spoof DVD cover

Tuesday 18th August 2009

Direct from our art department (as if we have one!) - and with full apologies to the designers of PROPER DVD COVERS we have our own joke version of the DVD cover for the War Games DVD.  So if you want to protect your original War Games cover from the sun's harmful rays by obscuring it with our own daft little effort then you can download a far-too-hi-res version by clicking on the download link below. It's about 800K - you will need to resize it to fit a DVD case...

If you wish to use it as a cover then you need to print it out with an image height of 18.3 cm. We've seen loads of do-it-yourself classic and bespoke replacement covers for the various official Doctor Who DVDs with some great fan artwork and thought it would be fun to see what Devious would look like in a DVD!!! Loads of the other amateur Doctor Who film-makers have doubtless done the same at one point or another. With Devious being very much a homage to real DW then this cover is in a sense an extension of that. However one could also wonder what a cover would look like without copying the BBC classic design and trying something new. Indeed longtime friend of 'Devious' Gary Merchant has sent us a couple of excellent covers over the years in their own bespoke design especially good because he has only used information from the website to create the artwork. Maybe we'll show them on the site one day if he permits us! In fact without realising it we've used the same photo in the main panel!

Let us know what it looks like on your shelves, or if you've used it to line the budgie cage.