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Wednesday 15th June 2005

Interesting this spoiler alert business... We were worried about saying about our plot similarities to the new Dr Who series and talking about the Emperor being in it etc. Well we're only making these comments based on what we've seen on television and read in comments by RTD in DWM - so in effect we know nothing! Zilch. The end result of all this is that in the excitement about the new series finale we've let slip some of our ending too!!!

However if we're proved right then so what - it's just a bit of fun isn't it? If the new series has had a similar storyline with emperor daleks, flying daleks, attacking people through time and a regeneration-headed doctor then it just proves that given the chance to write the ultimate Dr Who story, you'd very likely want to give the Doctor a series of adventures leading up to such a denouement.

And you'd use fleets of daleks and the emperor 'cause it'd look brilliant. We just wrote the best story we could without worrying about how it'd be realised - or even if it could be. The difference is that RTD and the BBC can realise those same sort of creative ambitions. And it's looking good! Not that we're watching the trailers or looking at the internet or buying newspapers now...