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Spiral's 2017 Doctor Who Day

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Spiral is a Brighton-based charity that works with learning-disabled adults. Every year, in November, we hold a special Doctor Who Day as the show is very popular with our clients in all its forms, including both the BBC classic and new series, and even the 60s' Peter Cushing films. 

In 2016, we were delighted to welcome a special celebrity guest: a black and silver Dalek from the Devious Project, kindly loaned to us by Ashley Nealfuller. This Dalek has had a fascinating career, having appeared in Devious (the world's longest-running Doctor Who fan film project) and appeared in the BBC's own Comic Relief special: The Curse of Fatal Death, in which Rowan Atkinson played The Doctor, along with Hugh Grant, Joanna Lumley and a galaxy of stars. 

The clients loved meeting the Dalek and were able to get photos taken against a greenscreen, so that special sci-fi backgrounds could be added to the pictures, along with Dalek rays and other exterminating special effects. 

We are looking forward to Spiral's 2017 Doctor Who Day, and the visit of another goodwill ambasador from Skaro

[ article sent in from James P - friend of Devious ]