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Sliding Doors...

Monday 28th October 2002

...don't slide very well if you have to push them along. Ashley's been working on the sliding door props before the next shoot, since there were major movement problems last time.He's also trying to construct the gruesome new piece of kit to be attached to one of the daleks - this will be used for one of the death scenes to be filmed in a few weeks time.

There's also a bit of work going on tarting up the final three daleks - although they're not needed until February 2003 it's been decided to get them prettied up now to save time later. This will mean more time can be spent on the final sets and lighting. It is also hoped that a piece of set walling can be constructed to blend the new corridor sets with the door unit used in the interrogation room filming some years back - we have to somehow convince people that the changes in design between one part of the complex and another are intentional - and not just convenient!