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Sec's in the City Triumph and Masterplan UPDATED!

Wednesday 25th April 2007

Blimey - can't wait until next week! It's all going to kick off in the BBC's second part of the Daleks in Manhattan story. We'll say no more in case you haven't seen the episode yet - ie if you are from the States (let us know please!) and have to wait ages to see the Daleks in New York.Great story - well done Helen Raynor!

So here at Devious Towers - what can we offer you in the way of sating your appetites for all things dalek as you trawl the web after watching the episode. Well, frankly today only a new dalek photo of one of our Devious (then Evil and Masterplan) dalek props in it's temporary colour scheme. It'll have a rub down and a repaint again (with a better finish from this rough version) for the summer before it adopts the proper colour scheme for the Dalek Masterplan this October.

Certainly it does look odd sitting on Ashley's back patio staring back with that odd combination of dome and eyestalk. But then as always you grow to accept it./ Let's face it - the first time daleks were shown in colour on BBC we accepted the colour scheme - so how about if this were the original? Well fear not all you thespians we won't be doing this to them for the play. Or will we...... you'll have to come along!

Ashley says thanks to the many flattering namechecks from daleklinks in Nick Scovell's recent article (today) along with some exclusive photos from Ashley's collection including the upside-down dalek shot!

Interest in all things dalek is obviously high at them moment and if you've stumbled across this site for the first time then we hope you will find time to take a look around at Devious and also our input into the stage plays Evil of the Daleks and the Dalek Masterplan. As enthusiastic amateurs we only want to do the best we can in ths spirit of the TV series, and we hope you will like and appreciate what you see. As always we are great supporters of the new TV series and of course Doctor Who as a whole and of course at the moment we all in thrall to this new heyday of the show. RTD and his crew have breathed new life into the programme and have made Saturday nights something special again.

UPDATE! As a Masterplan Trailer is now online we thought we really ought to put it live now having hung to it for so long! Well done Rob - enjoy it - you'll see some "Evil of the Daleks" action within! here it is...