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SCI-FI NOW magazine article and state of edit

Thursday 11th November 2010
Arthur as Aturo gets the point...

We've just heard from the author of the piece who tells us...

"I just wanted to let you know that the magazine article on Doctor Who fan videos is currently scheduled to appear in issue 48 of Sci Fi Now Magazine. It should be out in a few weeks (toward the end of this month)."

Thanks Charles for this - we hope you won't mind being quoted on the website!!


Also we are able to report on the current state of the edit in advance of this Friday's ADR session ...

EPISODE 1 - final edit ready apart from a bit of minor tweaking and the major effects shots

EPISODE 2 - finished edit bar effects shot - beach etc

EPISODE 3 - Finished bar tweaking.

EPISODE 4 - finished bar small tweaks

EPISODE 5 - a bit long and needs trimming.

EPISODE 6 - finished bar tweaks and effects.



As you can see, we're getting close. The major word to look out for above is "effects". Yes, there's tons of them and we're working through them. There's also the modelwork which is coming along. Ashley has a deadline for the modelwork of February 2011, since he is hoping to have it on display at an exhibition would you believe. There's nothing like a deadline to move us along! Once we get these edits locked off properly with the dialogue matched then the foley sound will be done by Stephen and we'll be in a good position to accept any help from third-parties who want to help with remaining effects maybe. We started with a couple of people but things sort of ground to a halt - very much our own fault for taking our eyes of the ball as it were. We would hope to collaborate again with interested committed people in getting this fan project completed - we just need to get our heads down now and again and move it on further.

This week we are recording some more dialogue with Tony (the Doctor) and will move on to Phillip and Bradley next. We will then have a great session doing the dalek dialogue! And so far all the dalek dialogue in Devious has been vocalised by existing cast members. It will all be replaced, so that you won't recognise any similarities between the regular cast and the daleks - even with the moogerfooger or computer treatment we've been able to work out who has done each dalek it seems at times! We have someone in mind for the Emperor and the Black Dalek but we'll be casting the net wider for other dalek voices.

Perhaps the answer will be to have a competition online? We could post up a few dalek lines and people could email us mp3 files of their attempts at those lines and we will include the best and credit accordingly. As long as each line is fully explained as to the mood etc it should be possible! They needn't be in treated form either - we can moogerfooger them afterwards! And it'll be a great way of including the fans from far and wide in this fan-community project! Leave it with us - maybe this could happen.....send us your thoughts via the "say hello" page???

speak soon


- note all images from low res versions




force field...