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SCI-FI Now magazine and clips

Thursday 25th November 2010

Well, we've got our copy of the magazine and we love it - but then we're biased ! Anyway, buy your own and make your own mind up!!! It's great to be featured - to fly the flag for the countless number of enthusiasts of amateur film-making the world over. Devious is an "homage" as we've always said.


To celebrate we've uploaded some youtube videos into our own new channel. This channel will feature mainly behind the scenes clips and other experiences we've had whilst making Devious. We've also added two clips from the television from 2009 and 2005 when we were featured on our local news magazine shows. These clips will just be up for a short time so enjoy them whilst you can - however we will keep the behind the scenes and fun stuff live. Well - you let us know - none of what we do is for money - it's "just for fun". It has to be really - when you take the number of years we have (is it 20?) then as a business that would be truly awful. We've had lives and families and jobs and all that sort of thing - like you have - and Devious was and is a back-seat thing. An occasional hobby. We've had fun doing it and we'd like to share that fun with you!


Our clips will reside in the "filming" section of this site (as well as youtube channel: doctorwhodevious) unless we think of somewhere better!


And whilst you look at our stuff, remember to follow up and investigate the work of our fellow "Whovians" and friends featured in the article...