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SCI-FI NOW article is out NOW !!!!

Wednesday 24th November 2010

Yep - we've bought our copy and already the glass case is being built to house it in! A superb article featuring many of the fan film versions of Doctor Who that have caught the attention of the media. We are very pleased and proud to have been featured and hope you like the piece.

Thanks to Charles Norton for his portrayal!

And to celebrate the article we have decided to put some "behind the scenes" clips from Devious up on the site (at last).  We keep finding little clips and bits that we think will entertain as we work on the edit and we thought we should finally start to share some of this footage. Perhaps a youtube channel will follow - we don't know - nothing much but a way of keeping all our bits together. We notice that parts of Devious (from War Games and Curse of Fatal Death) have already made youtube courtesy of some people who have decided to upload.

So we thought it time to upload a few bits to entertain you that you would not have seen before. The first of these will be our appearance on BBC's South Today in 2005. Now although this wasn't shot by us we did have a look around and found loads of other clips from the programme online so we'll put it up for a while for those of you who may have missed it. Then we'll concentrate on putting up little bits of filming here and there. First up is likely to be some dalek filming from 2004 - whilst we believe we have a version of the rehearsal for the famous "Jon Pertwee Scene" that may prove entertaining (with a stand in for JP).

The first of these clips will be live this evening (Wednesday 24th November --> UPDATE actually we mean Thursday morning!)