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ring modulation etc

Wednesday 15th March 2006

Ashley met some friends at the recent Gary Numan album signing in London and in conversation with some fellow "Numanoids" found a high level of interest in Dr Who and also Devious. Apparently one of the chaps he spoke to has his own studio and composes his own music and hopefully we'll be talking to him about some instrumental work for Devious. Although Ashley and David want to write and perform their own material they also recognise they have never done that before and consequently are likely to be completely talentless! Presumably they come from the "I don't know much about art but I know what I like" school of composing - i.e. they can ascribe a sound or mood to some scenes but may not be able to carry it off. That's where talking to people who know their stuff is perhaps a good idea!

And on another note (ha ha) Ashley and David were fiddling around with some effects for part 6 last night whilst David tried to decide whether to stick with AVID for the editing. Some visual effects work was tried out on a particular scene where there is a confontation between Auriga and the Emperor, whilst the voices were given a check over. David has loads of different ring-modulator plug ins and we tried the MoogerFooger one with some success. However as others have found the answer is in the original performance of the dalek voices. All three of the trio have tried the dalek voices and we've yet to convincingly make the final effect divorce from the known voice of the actor. More work there! Perhaps we need volunteers to come and voice the daleks! Nick Briggs where are you??? Having said that we actually want to make good dalek voices from within our own group if possible as it's more of an achievement for us then!!!