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Project 2013: Untitled

Thursday 4th April 2013
Devious on screen
Mark with Devious on screen
Ellis on stencil duty
Mr Wolf
entrance to the dalek observatory
a big weapon....?
a way in

Sorry for the lack of updates but we have been busy. And what's more we have a plan for 2013. And it has a name, although we won't give you it just yet. This new little thing is something we'd like to complete this year and is the brainchild of one Mark Jones of this parish. More later.

In other matters we are steaming ahead trying to get things done so you can finally see some of Devious. Ashley and David have both added some new effects/images to the episodes, and we hope to be making some progress on the music front too. Our great friend, the aforementioned Mark Jones - he of "Griffin" film fame was treated to an exclusive showing of all six episodes of Devious last night - and bizarrely after many hours he is still speaking to us.