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Power of the Daleks set visit and Strange New Worlds 2011

Tuesday 6th September 2011

Blimey - just checked this site and realised we haven't put an update on for ages! Sorry about that - didn't mean to! We're still alive, although not much we can report at the moment. We've done some more dialogue recording - mainly David's role of Auriga. We'll be doing some more with Tony and completing his stuff quite soon, and then we are goiung to ask our other cast members to pop down and do their dubbing.

Meanwhile our friends in Portsmouth/Fareham area - the guys behind various fan homages to Doctor Who such as Fury from the Deep, Web of Fear and of course the 2 dalek stage plays Evil of the Daleks and Dalek Masterplan have been filming their third and final dalek recreation: Power of the Daleks. Ashley went down to Fareham a couple of weeks ago and filmed some of the activity and took a few pictures. He interviewed Nick Scovell on set and we hope to show that video off in our youtube page as soon as Ashley gets a chance to put it together. In the meantime we'll show a couple of pics from the day.

This - of course - has spurred us on again...




Back in July we lent daleks, sets and manpower to this now annual event. Three Devious daleks were present as well as the TARDIS interior walls and Devious member Ashley! The local paper carried a retrospective article and thei website included a video snippet featuring the excellent Lego Characters stand - this can be seen here...

The event also featured special guest Dave Prowse aka Darth Vader - we'll have some exclusive photos on this site as soon as Ashley can find them! Remember you can find the Strange New Worlds event website at