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Pooling our resources

Sunday 10th July 2016

Occasionally to keep us on our toes as part of the Devious Project - Mark springs a new task. Nothing to do with Devious but he gets these calls you see. This time instead of The Never Was it was to produce a music video. It was to be filmed and produced all within a couple of weeks. And of course the challenge was accepted, with David knowing that the effects needed for some of the shots would assist in the completion of Devious as it meant he had to make decisions re which software (Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave etc) and how to attempt the various shots. 

So it was that the team assembled at a local church a couple of Mondays ago and spent a day filming key members of the David Cross Band. You may know that the are the kind of descendents of King Crimson. Mark was on camera for their previous video (Starfall - which is included below) and was keen that this shoot would go well. Directed by Mark he and David were on lead cameras, with Ashley on infill with a brief to capture shots not anticipated by Mark's storyboard. The edit was performed by Mark, with main effects by David with Ashley assisting in the general discussions and appraisal during a couple of the edit meetings. This was Mark's baby with the rest of the team as assets to aid his vision!

We will post a link to the final youtube when we get the nod.

Meanwhile in addition to a "secret" prop build he is working on at the moment Ashley has had to revamp one of the Devious daleks for an appearance today (Sunday) in East Sussex - at Raystede motor show - where we believe it will help in collecting monies for charity. It was felt last week that the dalek needed some tlc and so Ashley has stripped out all the balls and refurbished them as well as replaced the wheelset and made other tidying changes here and there. It is now in much better health ready for any number of future appearances. Our friend of Devious and The Never Was Jane and her husband Tony have taken a dalek or two to quite a few events this summer and doubtless will do some more. There are some more school appearances lined up we think too!

excert image from The Pool - David Cross Band
David and Mark working on The Pool
revamped dalek
Jane with companion