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Phoenix from the Flames

Friday 7th August 2009
rise like a phoenix !

We've got the first photo of Alex's new dalek from the 1st of August Worthing Doctor Who event. It has a Devious connection which we thought would be of interest!

Go to the new dalek section in the website to the section entitled Rebirth of the Daleks for more details.

Arthur has just sent us another new image here in the images section - see The Doctor and his Twig

Well it was fun - effectively just a display from a local events company with some monster props and costumes, a TARDIS and some dalek props. The weather did not help, although there was a healthy throng of people around the exhibits. Alex's dalek made an appearance after venturing over from his shop to the west of the centre, via the Pier and some youtube filming we hear! Still, when you first get in a new dalek you must be itching to give it a run! His dalek seemed to be the only fan-built dalek in attendance since we couldn't ascertain the provenance of the others on display. The kids all loved it of course!

We heard a little more about the procession in Worthing on the 31st of August. Alex from Type 40 Models is organising a Doctor Who float .  He has been collecting authentic replicas of all 11 Doctor's costumes and is looking out for suitable models to play the Doctor on this float. We're hoping to help out in as spectacular way as we can as we know that any money raised will be for charity.

Alex has collected costumes from all 10 Doctors. There's also Captain Jack and Brigadier costumes and so he needs a predominately male set of models obviously. However if you are interested to help out and you discover you are in fact female and can provide your own suitable costume for a well-known companion he'd also be interested (apparently Alex wasn't sure about spending hours and hours mooching around buying womens clothing! - although doubtless he does want to ensure his collection will be completed!).

So if you are near to  Worthing in Sussex and are free on the 31st for the day and want to take part - or can help with costumes - or even to be on hand we guess - then please let us know here at the Devious website. We can then contact Alex and pass your contact details on - so please include your mobile number if possible - if not then email will be fine.


I'd like to help with Alex's Dr Who float!


form removed as hugely out of date now!



the mid section and base awaiting disposal
Alex rescues the mid-section from Ashley's clutches!