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Pertwee 20 - the Gathering

Sunday 26th April 2015
the old gang together again!

Well, we finally got together to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "The Pertwee Day" as we still call it. Sadly Ian and Arthur couldn't make it on the night and they were missed, but then life gets in the way as always (that's why we've been at this Devious malarkey for so long).


The Pertwee Day

Oh how the years have been kind / unkind (delete as appropriate).

We had a great evening watching some behind the scenes stuff from our documentary footage, as well as some other Devious funnies and outtakes which we are sure you'll see online at some point! We hope to put a few bits and pieces together in some form or other for release on this site in the next few weeks - likely something youtube-y.

Thanks also to Paul (and Stephen!) for the magnificent "spread" - ooh err, well you know what we mean. The food was great the company was great. You know we should meet up more often. We could make a film perhaps...