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Pertwee 20

Sunday 5th April 2015
in the console room with JP

In a few weeks there will be a select gathering at one of our houses to commemorate 20years since we filmed "that scene" with Jon Pertwee. Something at the time that seemed amazing to us, something we hadn't ever dreamt could happen. Still, it did, due to a chain of interconnecting events we hadn't expected when we started Devious all those years ago.

So, we will reassemble at Stephen's new house and raise a glass to the memory of a great day. 


And who knows, we may upload something to the interweb after our evening!

The actual filming date was 2nd or the 3rd April 1995 as far as we remember - indeed the photo below shows the date as the 3rd, so maybe that's the proof. Anyway, we'll no doubt get the facts after our wee gathering.


and afterwards in the garden